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By: matt | August 12, 2015

Flipboard Crazy and revamped Newsletters page now Fun and Advice

We at have long been admirers of Flipboard so whilst building a recruit365 Flipboard page and linking to our website we have decided to revamp and re-name the Newsletters Page. It is now called Fun and Advice because, well that's what it is or we hope it is. Newsletters was just to stuffy, however all the great features remain, tips and advice via Linkedin Newsletters, Industry news from REC and of course Huffington Post's take on the world and the introduction of Flipboard, Have a browse through one of our magazines, whether it is Sport, Music, Beauty or all things we are sure there will be something to suit your taste. With A-Z's on almost e...

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By: matt | July 20, 2015

We have gone Pinterest Crazy!!

Yes you may have noticed the   Pin it logo on the top right of all our website pages. 

We will be adding boards regularly over the coming months, so please keep checking back, we hope there will be something for everyone. As yet we have Website Images, Newsletters (tips and advice) and Blog Images.

All images are linked to great content, so enjoy and let us know what you think. Recruitment made Easy.

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