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By: matt | January 01, 2016

Happy New Year and a Sneak Preview

Happy New Year wishes all a happy and successful New Year both professionally and personally what ever your goals may be.
Keep following across all media, website, social or via the app, special offers and other exciting news to follow shortly.

So a sneak preview:
May/June will see the launch of another Midlands based office
Temp division to open to support existing client and offer service for new business.
Rolling discount scheme to be trialled.
Much more to follow.
Finally thank you for your support over the previous year and here is to a fantastic 2016. Please feel free to contact the for all your recruitment needs.
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By: matt | August 28, 2015

Get more than time off, with this Bank Holiday special offer from

Bank Holiday Bonus

Short one this time, just like next week (31st Aug 2015), Yippee! Before you wind down for the long weekend or if you are reading this just as you are getting over the long weekend.

Get More than time off with a special offer from email the for all details, and if you are job hunting we have plenty for you a member of our team would be happy to discuss your needs.

So whether you have, had or are having a fantastic Bank Holiday, we are here to help, let us know what you need and we will endeavour to provide it.

We told you of our rebrand, we are continuing to add and improve the experience f...

By: matt | July 10, 2015

Anyone for Tennis

With Murray ERR.... Federer heading for another final, just time to remind you all of the New Balls Please promotion still running til Monday 13th July 2015.

(See earlier Blog for full details) Essentially offering Next placement for 12.5% of Final Salary.

Contact the for all you recruiting needs

Recruiting made Easy.

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By: matt | June 29, 2015

Special Offer First or Next placement only 12.5% of final salary with


New Balls Please!

 You can be a winner too for the Wimbledon fortnight serves up this Special Offer First or Next placement 12.5% of final salary. are pleased to provide this placement Special offer.   

To reiterate I am the founder and MD of, (If you know me already than I will have worked or contacted you previously whilst either working for Lloyds, Am2Pm, Best Connection, Catalyst or Echo). specialise in permanent recruitment for the Manufacturing, distribution, e-commerce and beauty industries. look at solutions not only for today but for tomorrow, recruitin...